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CDS has developed an effective network of developmental preschool staff, local board members and parents to advocate for the needs of infants and preschool children with developmental disabilities and delays. Over the past several years, this grassroots effort has resulted in the successful advocacy for a host of issues, ranging from additional state funding to attract and retain an array of professional preschool educators and therapists to the creation of a statewide pediatric mental health system.

In addition to advocating for the passage of bills during the legislative session, CDS works throughout the year with the State of Wyoming on the implementation of state and federal legislation and programs are held to strict rules and regulationsWyoming statutes designate the Wyoming Department of Health Division of Behavioral Health as the agency responsible for distributing public funds to the Regional Developmental Preschool Programs through individual contracts with each region, and for the general oversight and close monitoring of the statewide developmental preschool system.

CDS also works with other agencies and private organizations in developing, advocating for and implementing public policy initiatives to bolster Wyoming’s ability to provide quality early childhood developmental programs for young children and their families. Help for parents in navigating and participating in the special education process,can be found by contacting Parent Information Center (307) 684-2277 or go to

l Thank you to the Behavioral Health Division of the Department of Health for partial funding of this educational website to make parents aware of free screenings for infants and toddlers once before two years of age or “1 B4 2 ”

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