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Wyoming’s Developmental Preschools provide professional educational, therapeutic, and social-emotional services for young children, birth through five years of age, with developmental disabilities and delays. Since 90% of brain development occurs before the age of five extensive research demonstrates that effective early childhood interventions better prepare a child for elementary school and convey a lifetime of benefits. More details about these benefits can be found here.

Wyoming’s system of Early Childhood Developmental Preschool Services is divided into fourteen regions, most of which are managed by non-profit organizations under the guidance of local community board members. These programs operate 46 child development centers throughout the state, so that nearly every resident is within driving distance of one. Each of the regional preschools offers FREE developmental screenings to determine if an infant or preschooler qualifies for developmental services. Screening results indicate most children do not require early interventions, but it is estimated that 10.5% of this age group has a developmental delay that should be addressed as soon as possible after birth. Developmental Preschools currently serve approximately 9% of Wyoming’s birth to five populations. Having an early childhood intervention screening could change your child’s life forever.

If a screening and evaluation determine that a child qualifies for Developmental Preschool services, professional educators and therapists work closely with parents to create a plan of services that are provided in the child’s natural environment, such as in the home or in community child care and preschool settings. Parents are not charged for any of the services. The State of Wyoming Department of Health contracts with the 14 regions to provide these services.

All Developmental Preschools offer the following services; some offer additional ones:

• Special Education
• Occupational Therapy
• Physical Therapy
• Speech and Language Therapy
• Social-Emotional Development
• Vision and Hearing Services
• Assistive Technology
• Parent and Family Support
• Outreach and In-home Services
• Transportation

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