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The Benefits of Early Childhood Development Services

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The Many Benefits of Early Childhood Development Services

Many studies have documented the benefits of quality early childhood development programs for infants, preschool children, and their families. Here is some information from these studies:

For every dollar spent on preschool development services, the public receives benefits ranging from $3.78 to more than $8.74

Early Childhood Development Services result in:

  • Fewer special education and other services later in life.

  • More students entering kindergarten ready to learn.

  • Higher levels of verbal, mathematical, and intellectual achievements in K-12, and better academic performance in general throughout their lives.

  • Less drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Less child abuse, and fewer contacts with the criminal justice system as juveniles.

  • Higher graduation rates.

  • Lower divorce rates for parents, and the children, when they reach adulthood.

  • Decline in welfare benefits later in life

  • Higher employment rates ad earnings rates as adults.

  • Tax payers rather than tax users.

A Study by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis Concluded:
"The annual rate of return for the individual and the public over the lifetime of an at-risk preschooler who had received early development services was 16% compared to an average annual stock market return of 6.3% measured from 1871 to 1998."

Robert G. Lynch, associate professor and chairman o the Department of Economics at Washington College Concluded:
"If all at-risk children received early childhood services...the economic benefits would offset 1/5 of the projected social security deficit between 2030 and 2050."

Nobel Price winning economist, James Heckman, of the University of Chicago Concludes:
"We cannot afford to postpone investing in children until they become adults, nor can we wait until they reach school age--a time when it may be too late to intervene. Learning is a dynamic process, and is most effective when it begins at a young age...interventions at an early age...have proven to be highly effective."

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