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Welcome to the internet site of Child Development Services of Wyoming. CDS is a non-profit, membership organization of the Developmental Preschool Programs serving the state. These Programs provide therapeutic and educational services to preschool children with developmental disabilities and delays.

All of the regional Developmental Preschool Programs are non-profit organizations that developed independently of each other over a forty year period. In 2001, the Programs decided to create their own membership group to coordinate and manage activities that would benefit all of them and to pursue issues affecting the developmental preschool system.

CDS has fulfilled this purpose through several programs and activities. They include:

  • an active Public Policy agenda that advocates for sufficient resources to operate the Developmental Preschools and provide effective therapeutic and educational services

  • the "1 Before 2" campaign that promotes early childhood screenings in the state

  • the Early Childhood Social-Emotional Development Program, which integrates social/emotional needs into the developmental preschools' service delivery

  • the Speech-Language Pathology Employment Incentives Program offers financial incentives for SLP externships and employment at developmental preschools

  • a Quality Standards Initiative in which CDS’s member programs strive for the nation’s highest standards of intervention services for infants and preschoolers with developmental disabilities and delays

The links to the right offer more information about these activities, their financial supporters and the regional Developmental Preschool Programs.

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